Post #12, April 15, 2021

I Once Was a Dog

I lived in a nice place

Lots of toys

Good music

Food galore

I would run and play

I would jump and chase

I was a happy pup

Then one day

I made a mistake

I was so happy

I wanted to be happier

I jumped the wall

And ran off looking for happier

I ran and ran

I dodged cars and trucks

I was just looking for happier

Instead someone grabbed me

They threw me in a cage

I could hardly lie down

No music; little food

Certainly no fun

I was sad and confused

No one seemed to want me

And then one day

Someone started talking to me

We have been looking for you

I did not know them

They seemed to like me

They pet me and scratched me

They took me away from my cage

They took me to a real home

I had playmates and scratches galore

I had beds and walks

I was happy again

I knew someone would love me

I knew someone would care

It was you

You are my loved ones

I am yours

Off we went along the path

To friends and chases

To my old life that was new

I came home

Ever been there?


April, 2021



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