Membership Information

If you wish to become a member of our Critters Club, please fill out the attached forms and return them by mail along with a $10 check or cash to the Critters Club, 1018 N Cowboy Canyon, Green Valley, AZ 85614. Please fill out all forms as completely as possible.

If you wish to enter your pet(s) in our Pet Registry, the second form may be used. This is an option. Please complete one registry form per pet.

The Entry Guardhouse has a chip reader to assist in locating your dog should it go missing. If your pet goes missing, please call 520-393-2941 or 505-660-6996.

We have currently close to 200 memberships which means there are about 600 or more pets and pet owners in Quail Creek who belong to the club. Since we are continuously advocating for the pets within our community as well as for the dog park, we believe there is strength in numbers. In addition, this does not include those pets and their owners who are not members of the Critters Club. In all, it is estimated that there are over 1200 pets and pet owners in Quail Creek.  

There are many benefits of belonging to the Critters Club and the primary one is to show your support for all the pets and their owners who live in our community. Check out our website for the many other activities and events.The Critters Club Leadership Team and our Support Team are working to maintain, preserve and improve the lifestyles and well-beings of our pets.

The funds received from the $10 membership fee are used to pay for the pet recovery program, our educational programs and speakers, donations to local pet shelters, office supplies, our website and printing costs as well as to support dog park needs and improvements. Donations are accepted as well. Our website address is:

Join the Critters Club movement. We are all pet advocates and supporters.

Download the following pages when needed: