Pet Finding and Location Services

The Critters Club is the major source of information pertaining to lost and found pets within the Quail Creek community. We work closely with individuals/residents, the front gate personnel and the Patrol to assist pet owners who have lost or found a pet. It happens on fairly regular basis.

It helps to have had your pets “chipped” or have an electromagnetic chip installed in the pet. A veterinarian can provide this service.  To assist with this pet finding effort, we have purchased two chip readers and have placed them at both the front gate and at the Madera Clubhouse.

On occasion, we form teams of searchers that work together to locate missing pets. We have lots of stories with happy endings and many happy residents who “misplaced” the pets they love. We search for both dogs and cats.

Please make sure that when you join the Critters Club, complete the Pet Finding and Registry paperwork section of the Membership Application. This will provide relevant information regarding your pets that we use in our pet finding and locating efforts. Thank you.