Our Programs

We have many planned regular programs and some that occur spontaneously as opportunities develop. Of course, our programs are influenced by factors such as available space, weather and health considerations (e.g. the virus). There are never any fees required from members for these events. Please visit our EVENTS page for upcomming events.

It is our plan to offer one program of an educational nature each month of the year (12 in all). Some of these programs are held in community meeting rooms, other larger facilities and outdoors (at the dog park). They may have live presenters or be a zoom presentation. They may be video presentations or webinars. Presenters are professionals in the area of animal care and/or members of our Critters Club who have relevant expertise or experiences.

We intend to offer one social event every other month (six in all) involving both pets and pet owners or simply, a gathering of residents with a specific celebration or event in mind. Some of these social events will involve fun games and activities at the dog park. Other events could include work related gatherings which contribute to the safety and beauty of the dog park. Some events will include artists and photographers as well as our pets. In the past, we have even held pool parties in private homes or at the dog park. We are always open to new, unique and fun ideas.

The Critters Club has also been one of the primary sponsors in the annual Quail Creek 5K fun run and pet run in recent years. Our volunteers work closely with the event planners to insure that the fun run happens in a safe and organized manner.

Our Pet Finder and Locator program and service assists all residents who have experienced a lost pet or found one roaming around in the community. We also work closely with the front gate and patrol to assist in locating or catching lost pets. On occasion, we will organize a Critters Club search team to assist in the search. At the moment, we are averaging about one call a week regarding a lost or found pet.

Once a pet owner becomes a member of the Critters Club they complete paper work that provides all of the relevant information relating to their pets. This information is crucial in the effort to relocate the pet should it run away or get loose in our community. Therefore, if you wish to be a proactive pet owner and become a part of a network of pet owners who work together in finding or rehoming lost pets, join the Critters Club.

And please remember, without the Critters Club the dog park would, most likely, not exist.