Membership Roster

Our goal is to have a completed Membership Roster by mid-March, 2021. The membership information posted will be email only and is to be used by Critters Club members for communication purposes. Further information can be obtained in the 2021 Quail Creek Source Book or on the HOA website in the Member Directory.

At the current time, 2/5/21, we have 140 paid members and 3 Honorary (gifted) members for a total of 143 members as of the date provided above.  This translates to approximately 265 resident members and 172 pets which means at the current time the Critters Club represents about 435 resident pet owners and pets. This is a very positive number.

For comparison, in the entire year of 2020, the Critters Club had 192 memberships which equated to about 562 resident pet owners and pets. This was the largest membership total in the history of the club dating back to 2008. Prior to 2020, the largest year for memberships was 2019 when there were 92 total memberships involving about 280 resident pet owners and pets.

It is obvious that we are off to a great start in 2021 and we are looking forward to connecting with another 50 memberships (renewals and new) during the remaining 11 months of 2021. This would bring our total number of memberships past the record of 192 set in 2020.