Why join the Critters Club?

It is simple 1) you love your pets, love all pets and respect other pet owners 2) you desire the best living conditions in the community for you and your pets 3) your pets matter! If you do not currently own a pet, you still love animals and want the best for all pets everywhere. These are best reasons to join the Critters Club.

The Critters Club is the voice for all the pets in our community who cannot speak. We are advocates for the well-being of all pets and pet owners in the community. We care about pets and we care about our community. Pets increase the quality of life for all those who live in the community. When we see one, we smile. When we own one or two or three, we know we are loved and we are able to express our love and compassion in ways that only a pet owner can appreciate. Pets bring life into the community. Pets bring joy into the life of their owners. The Critters Club represents the family of pets and pet owners who respect each other and understand how important pets are in the life and well-being of both the community and residents.

We provide regular educational opportunities, social opportunities, specialized resources, pet care options and lost pet locating services. We have a comprehensive website with many relevant links and resources. We contribute to the community and surrounding areas through service and financial support. We manage the community dog park. In all, we are positive group of residents who are caring adults. Our large network of members permeate and influence many other  phases of our community.  

The Critters Club is one of the oldest chartered clubs in Quail Creek. It is one of the largest, perhaps largest of all the chartered clubs in the community. We are dedicated to serving our pets and our community.

Finally, we have a low annual membership fee ($20). You receive so much for so little. Join today!