Support Team

The CC Support Team is a large group, at least forty-one (41), of resident volunteers who have volunteered to support all CC events and activities. This team is growing all the time and the list of members is long. The members include Darrrell and Dawn Hewitt, Martin Homer, Frank and Shari Cerrone, Karen Hugus, Tom and Patti Ballowe, Kevin and Janet Allison, Bill Rotherd, Macy Galbreath, Sheri Dixon, Darlene Riggins, Steve Steiger, Chris Pinson, Ginger Applegarth, Tom Allen, Rex and Tracy Leetham, Roberta Sue Scott, Bill Tucker, Susan Meeks, Dave and Joella Austin, Dave Bareiss, Ed Kraft, Chuck and Ginny Shack, Dana Hill, Mark McNown, Ed Berry, John McCuskey, Rick O’Day, Dan Doyle, Craig Summerfield, Ray Mang, Dennis Hoiness, Chris Hottel, Jim Easley, Gordy Johnson, Kay Alllen, Dennis Erickson, Tom Smith, Delange Aaberg, Jim Nelson, Martha Erickson, Diane Markowski and Jim Perry. You are welcome to join us and assist with any activity we are sponsoring.