2020 – 2021 Leadership Team

Name                                Email

Paul Riggins             pndriggins@aim.com      

Bill Oldread             bboldread@hotmail.com

Gordy Johnson        johnsong@email.arizona.edu   

Gary Reitz     garyreitz@yahoo.com

Al Olbeter                agolbeter@gmail.com

Jerry Pinson             jjpinson@verizon.net

Karen Morey           hybidtea@outlook.com

We all are dog lovers. We are advocates for the best dog park possible. We are dog park users. We love our community. We live here full-time. We love our friends; both the four legged and two legged kind. We love serving you and your pets.

Many residents within our community are dog owners; many use the dog park. It is an important amenity for us and to share with our friends and guests who visit our beautiful community.

We hope all dog owners will join the Critters Club. It is only $10 per year. We think your special four legged loved ones are worth the best environment possible at home, here at the dog park and in the community as well.

In 2020 we had close to 195 paid members (our largest number ever!) and, so far, in 2021 through January we now have 125 paid (on pace for a new record). This means that there are hundreds of Quail Creek residents and pets who are part of the Critters Club. Plus, there are many others who have not joined as yet who still take advantage of our wonderful dog park amenity.

We also look forward to having you support us as both as animal and dog park advocates. We need volunteers to assist us with many tasks required to make the dog park and surrounding area the finest home away from home as possible. Thank you for joining us!

We do not bite. The Bark Movement. Be in it!