Our 2023 Critters Club Membership Challenge was a Great Success!

We are truly grateful for this level of support.

If you wish to become a member of our Critters Club, please fill out the membership forms located on this site (see Membership Forms below) or at the dog park and return them as soon as possible with a $20 check or cash in the mail or drop it off at the Critters Club, 1009 N. Eagle Hollow Road (Jerry Pinson) or 1018 N Cowboy Canyon, Green Valley, AZ 85614 (Paul Riggins). Please fill out all forms as completely as possible. If you wish to enter your pet(s) in our Pet Registry and Pet Finder Programs, the form is also attached. The Pet Registry is a no cost option. Please complete one registry form per pet.

Dog of the Week

If you have any questions, please email Jerry Pinson or Paul Riggins at crittersclub@gmail.com

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If you have anything you would like to share on this web site, please email Paul Riggins at crittersclub@gmail.com