Announcing our 2023 Critters Club Membership Challenge

Remember our 2023 Membership special promotion called the Early Bird Special ($15 instead of $20) runs between 11/15/22 and 1/15/23. In addition, a major supporter of the Critters Club has just made a great donation offer. Please read carefully as now your 2023 membership fee and any donation you make has much greater value:

From 11/15/22 until 1/15/23 (The Early Bird Special), this member will MATCH any dollar amount donation made over and above the $15 membership. For example, if you make a payment of $50, it becomes $15 for member fee + $35 member donation + $35 matching funds = $85 total value for the Critters Club ($15 membership fee + 70 in donations). 

If you recall, in 2022, 49% of our members made donations totaling $2200. To date (11/22/22) we have over 40 renewing members with a donation rate of 70%! And, there has been over $1600 donated in just one week. Remember, any amount over $15 will be matched! This means if we have only ten members donate $50 each (= $500 total) that the Critters Club will receive $1000!! It should be mentioned that this same member has donated $1000 each year that they have belonged to the Critters Club. We are truly grateful for this level of support.

If you have any questions, please email Paul Riggins at

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