Support Team

Several residents have indicated they will help us out and support the
efforts of the Critters Club

Dick Jones Mary Lou Wurts Dean Walker
Donna Smith Kathy Cook Chris Pinson
Karen Hugus Sheri Dixon Ginger Applegarth
Kevin Allison Mary Lou Johnson Macy Galbreath
Janet Allison Darlene Riggins Bill Rothert
Craig Simpson Kathy Olbeter   Joe Hooker
Marilyn Hooker Tom Allen Tom Ballowe
Dan Doyle Frank Cerrone Darrell Hewitt
Dawn Hewitt Denny McClain Nancy McClain
Jim Nelson Bill Robey Connie Robey

There will be more. Help us expand or team into a movement.
Email us and join the bark movement and support the park!
Let's show the pets and people of our Qauil Creek Community that we care!

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