How to Best Interact in and Use the Temporary

Shared Space at Our QC Dog Park

June thru August, 2021

When our pet owners and our numerous energetic dogs are placed into a confined small space there is a special dynamic that occurs. In order to keep it a safe and friendly environment for all of the users and their pets, the following Guidelines and Expectations should be respected.

  • Please avoid bringing in your dog on a leash.
  • Please try to avoid contributing to an overcrowded entry and/or exit. The corral area is a potential area for anxious and active dogs to interact in unappropriated ways. Dog emotions and feelings may include fear, protection and anxiety. Minimize issues by entering and exiting when there are no other dogs entering or leaving at the same time.
  • No treats please. All dogs love treats and competition or anger could potentially turn something intended to be caring into a situation involving aggressive behavior.
  • Minimize the use of toys and/or balls during crowded times. Competition for balls, for example, can result in aggressive behavior.
  • Puppies under four months old should not be brought into the dog park when there are many users and dogs.
  • Female dogs in heat should not be brought into the dog park at any time.
  • Male dogs who have not been fixed may well contribute to unwanted behaviors such as bullying, humping, biting or other physical acts of domination.
  • Dogs that demonstrate aggressive or temperamental behavior at times should be brought to the dog park at low or no use times.
  • Carry a leash with you at all times in case it is needed to control your pet.
  • If a dog fight breaks out, do not try to physically break it up as you, the owner or friend, may end up getting serious bites and scratches. Use the water and hoses in the area as the first attempt to break up a fight.
  • If you are concerned about the safety of your pet in the park during the crowded use times, try to walk your dog instead. You may want to consider low use times of the day.
  • Always be paying attention to your pet and always pick up your dog’s poop immediately.
  • Be friendly to all users. Make new friends. Welcome new visitors regardless of whether they are new residents, visitors or guests.
  • Please keep the chairs off the grass. The grass area is being stressed by the summer hear and increased dog use. If possible, sit on the outside of the pavers and on the gravel.
  • Relax, be attentive and enjoy all the dogs and residents who love our dogs.


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