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The Tail of the Happy Dale Puppy Farm

One day while out driving in the country,

I passed a small sign sitting under a tree.

I decided to stop, back up and take a look.

It read, “This way to the Happy Dale Puppy Farm”

And it had an arrow pointing at me.

I was confused; I was intrigued; it was an old sign.

I liked mysteries and searches.


Admittedly, it was a cute name.

I wondered where it was actually located.

I wondered what went on at a puppy farm.

I imagined white picket fences and lots of puppies.

I loved puppies; I liked happy.

Kind of a perfect sounding place.

Since it had been around awhile, I really wanted to find it.

I was so curious and still a little confused.


So, I asked around in the area.

No one knew anything about it.

Some got it confused with the “Happy Day Nursery School”

Others thought they had heard something about it.

But not on TV; not in the newspapers or in magazines.

It certainly did not advertise.

I tried to Google it and came up empty.

How often does that happen?


I just had to go back to find the tree and the sign.

A few months later, I returned on a sunny Sunday.

I got lucky because the area was full of parked cars.

I thought, “This must be the place.”

I could not find a parking spot anywhere nearby.

So, I had a long walk to this mysterious place.

Funny thing, along the way, I never saw a living soul.

The mystery deepened; my intrigue grew.


The farm must certainly not be selling anything.

It must be giving puppies away.

There must be a secret entrance;

A special password or code.

I must have driven or walked right by it many times in days gone by.

I wanted to get on their mailing list.

I wanted to join the club.

Maybe then, I could find it and get my puppy.


I did feel lost and a little left out.

But, I do not give up easily.

For years, I searched and inquired.

For years, I only found empty parked cars.

The sign remained as well.

Then one day, it hit me.

I realized my searching had been in vain.

Yet, I still wanted a puppy of my own.


I thought, just maybe, I already have a puppy.

And the puppy farm lives inside of me.

I was looking out there;

When it was hidden within me.

I thought, maybe the farm is not a farm;

Maybe, the search is about new rather than old.

Maybe, life is full of puppies and happy.


And sure enough, once I realized all this.

I found the way to the Happy Dale Puppy Farm.

I returned to the tree one Sunday.

I parked my car and sat, waited, watched and reflected.

I was happy and there were puppies everywhere.

I just had failed to recognize the Reality.

The Happy Dale Puppy Farm is here and there and where

I am going; you are going and we are going.


There is no need for marketing nor advertising.

No need for smart phones or computers.

All I needed to do was to show up.

Just be the puppy that I am.

Just love everyone, cuddle and lick.

Just trust, be patient and loyal.

An occasional mess is OK.

And yes, the Happy Dale Puppy Farm is our home.


So, my sisters and brothers

Be the puppy that you are

Share the love, the scratches and pets.

Show others how to be the puppy

That lives within us all.

Create puppy piles everywhere.

It is our destiny; it is the new view

Bring the Happy Dale Puppy Farm to life in your lifetime.



Written by Paul Riggins

June, 2015



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