Blog Post # 2, February 3, 2021

Why Donate to the Critters Club?

In case you are wondering, why I should donate money to the Critters Club, let us give you a few really good reasons.

First and foremost, we love our pets and want the best for them. Who, in our community, will be advocating for them and who will even care about them? It is the Critters Club.

In addition, the Critters Club is a family of caring pet owners who share similar values and priorities. We are not a social organization. We are not elitists or exclusionists. We care and we contribute to our community, our friends and, most of all, to our pets. They matter to us.

The Critters Club serves the community. We support and donate funds to community organizations. Our members are often found volunteering in a variety of non-profit organizations and businesses within our community.  We serve because we care!

The Critters Club manages the one place in our community that is designed for pets and pet owners. The Quail Creek Dog Park is an important place in the lives of our pets and pet owners. It is not an exclusive, private venue. It is open to any pet owner in the community. In reality, the dog park is an important amenity often used to promote the sales of new property as well as in the resale of existing property. It is a gathering place for friends both two legged, three legged and four legged. Do we not want the best for all users?

The question often surfaces: Who is in charge of the dog park? The answer is the POA which means the POA is responsible for the maintenance of the park. As managers of the park, who provides for the functional aspects of facility? The Critters Club addresses the comfort and safety. This requires the purchase of signage and seating and with the care and upkeep involved with the physical aspects and components of the dog park. We also manage a pet finding and locating service that calls for the purchase and replacement of expensive equipment such as pet chip readers.

Think about it, the Critters Club, one of the largest and oldest chartered clubs in the community has the lowest membership fee of all the clubs. In addition, this small fee has not increased in the fifteen years of the clubs existence.  

The Critters Club is the only voice in our community for the hundreds of those who have no voice, our pets.  It is so important that the club and its leaders be pet advocates and work within the organizational structures of the community and to interface with the political aspects of living in a community such as Quail Creek. It is an ongoing challenge that requires a lot of time and creativity.

Currently, at the start of our new year, the Critters Club has almost thirty members (not in the history of the club but in just the first month of 2021) who have donated funds to the club with an average of almost $50 per donor. This is a wonderful trend that we wish to maintain and expand. It feels good to give and to share with an organization that cares about the pets we care for in our lives.

Donations help us to create a stable and strong organization that is respected and recognized within the community at all times and in all places. Think about it. Please consider donating. And finally, thank you to Walter and Shirley Kuhl, long-time Quail Creek residents and Critters Club members, who recently donated $1000 to the critters of Quail Creek. One thousand barks and smiles!



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