Blog Post #1, February 1, 2021

Hello out there to all critter lovers in Quail Creek!

This is the first post on the recently created Quail Creek Critters Club (CC) blog site. Welcome! I hope to include links to articles and videos, stories and poems, pictures and updated news about the club and its members.

Golly, there is so much to share; not sure where to start.

We are now into the second month of the new year for the QC CC and our focus in January was the 2020 Membership drive. This effort was extremely successful with the number of CC members increasing (in the month of January) by almost 100% over and above any previous year and month in our history. In February, we will be planning our 2021 agenda and program. Hopefully, we will be able to put the CORONA virus in the poop bag and get back to our real normal. 

I will start by first and foremost recognizing the huge number of our friends and CC members who volunteer for the CC and, more broadly, in the communities that surround us. There are literally over one hundred of the CC members who are volunteers working with our CC program and the pets and pet owners in both Quail Creek and Green Valley. 

I would first like to recognize Kristine Sudyka who is our new Webmaster. She was a great assistance to me in the creation of our new CC website.

I would now like to recognize our Honorary Members. These three individuals have worked tirelessly supporting the pets within our community and elsewhere for many years. They are Dick Jones, Mary Ellen Pruess and Kim Eisele, Director of the TALGV (The Animal League of Green Valley).

The CC Leadership Team helps to provide guidance and advice to the overall management of the CC Club. They assist the CC President with most all of the major decisions that affect the club. The members are Jerry Pinson, Robert Marshall, Paul Riggins, Al Olbeter, Karen Morey, Kay Allen, Gordon Johnson, Bill Oldread and Kristine Sudyka.

The CC Support Team is a large group, at least forty-one (41), of resident volunteers who have volunteered to support all CC events and activities. This team is growing all the time and the list of members is long. The members include Darrrell and Dawn Hewitt, Martin Homer, Frank and Shari Cerrone, Karen Hugus, Tom and Patti Ballowe, Kevin and Janet Allison, Craig Simpson, Kathy Cook, Bill Rotherd, Macy Galbreath, Sheri Dixon, Darlene Riggins, Joe Braun, Kathy Olbeter, Steve Steiger, Chris Pinson, Ginger Applegarth, Tom Allen, Rex and Tracy Leetham, Roberta Sue Scott, Bill Tucker, Susan Meeks, Jan King, Dave and Joella Austin, Dave Bareiss, Ed Kraft, Chuck and Ginny Shack, Dana Hill, Mark McNown, Ed Berry, John McCuskey, Rick O’Day, Bob Bero, Dan Doyle and Jim Perry. You are welcome to join us and assist with any activity we are sponsoring.

The number of CC Donors (to date) has increased in number significantly in just the first month of the new year. At the current time, there are twenty-nine (29) members who have donated in 2021. The amount of money donated averages about $50 per person. The Donors for the 2021 are Darrell and Dawn Hewitt, Paul and Darlene Riggins, Bill Tucker, Chuck and Barbara Barta, Kevin and Janet Allison, Jerry and Chris Pinson, Chris and Katie Hottell, Chaile Womack, Laura and Dick Reilly, Kay and Tom Allen, Craig and Kathy Simpson, Terry and Francis Jacobs, Ed and Char Berry, Mary Greer, Gerald Gardner, Steve and Patti Steiger, Joan Finn, Charles and Kareen Kell, William Rotherd and Macy Galbreth, Ed and Ginny Kraft, Lenny and Dusty Friedman, Mary Diamond and Tim Doyle, Keven and Linda von Felden, Rex and Tracy Leetham, Kelvin and Becky Kent, Ruth Rossi, Phil Noble and Walter and Shirley Kuhl who donated $1000 to the CC and put us all in the giving spirit. This is an amazing list of wonderful supporters of all the pets and pet owners of Quail Creek. Remember, this list has been created in the month of January, 2021 only and there is lots of time to help this list grow and grow! If I have left someone off the list or miss spelled a name or two, please let me know.

The number of CC New Members is growing regularly. So far, in January only there have been twenty-three (23) first time CC members. They are Dave and Judy Sypkens, Rich and Flossy O’Day, Dan and Andrea Jondal, Walter and Shirley Kuhl, Julie Sherwood, Roberta Sue Scott, Bill Tucker, Tom and Cynthia Gierada, Lina Godoy, Linda Robertson, Kim EIsele, Chuck and Ginny Stack, Dave and Marion Bareiss, Troy Thrall, Nancy Katzberg, Wilson and Marsha Prokosch, Diane Clark, Dave and Joella Austin, Pat Brady, Susan Meeks, Leon Synder, Trisha and John Tubbs, and they keep coming. Join the movement. Welcome!

And did you know that there are ten (10) CC members who are Volunteers at the TALGV? They are Kareen Kell, Rose Welliver, Kathy Thiel, John Nicholson, Roberta Sue Scott, Patty Kozma, Candy Allen, Sue Meeks, Kim Eisele and Mary Ellen Pruess. Other QC resident volunteers who may be joining the CC or considering renewing their CC membership are Nancy and Raymond Hebert, Tommy Reid, Carol Clifford, Elizabeth Heintz, Sandy Hedlund, Pete and Carmen Murphy and Carol Hansen. A huge thank you for supporting the pets who are looking for a forever home. Again, if I have left anyone off this list, please let me know.

It is obvious by the recognition of all these Quail Creek residents that the CC makes a huge difference in lives of many pets and pet owners. A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to each and every one of you.

Personally, I am blown away at the large number of our members and residents who are so willing to be involved and contribute to the lives of all the pets and pet owners in QC.  I cannot wait until the CC can resume our normal active schedule of educational, social and service focused events and activities.   

In the meantime, take care and be well. Paul


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